vintage plate revival

As you might recall I’m into plates with animals on them at the moment. I kind off collect them, but they’re hard to find! So I made my own cat plate. Today I’m showing you something similar, this time two vintage plates get a whole new style!

I adore vintage plates, especially the ones with flowers on the edges, too pretty. Not to mention the gold lining that often occurs as well! I just love them. Sadly they rarely come in dinner sets, some plates broken through the years. They’re often sold alone or in pairs. I know a lot of people want matching dinner sets, but I’m not that picky! Mix and max is just as good, and much more personal. So when I found these two plates in the thrift store I had to get them (plates like these cost almost nothing at all). Then I thought I had to give them a make over to make them more interesting.

I thought a good long while about what i could paint on them to match the flowers. Then I thought of it! Bees! They like flowers, could be counted in the ‘animal’ category and they are super cute!


This is what you’ll need

  • vintage flower plates
  • gold sharpie (or any other water-resistant sharpie you might prefer)
  • rubbing alcohol (to clean the plate)
  • an oven

First of all, find you plates. Any flower plate will do, choose the ones you find the prettiest. In any thrift store you will find loads, I promise! They do not have to match, as mine do though.



Use the rubbing alcohol to clean your plate, finger prints and oil from you hands could disturb the sharpie pen from staying put. Just wipe it off a bit. Then take you pen and try it on a piece of paper first. This is important if you using the gold kind, they tend to ‘flow’ a bit more then the usual black sharpie pen. I found it much easier to paint the actual plate after making some sketches.


Start making you design! I had three bees on one and two on the other, but if you want you could try to make them symmetrical. When your pleased with the design and the bees are enjoying the florals it’s time to bake the plates. Set the oven to 175 degrees celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit) and bake them for half an hour. Let them cool. And your done! Easy, right?




Bee safe! (Yeah pun intended) xo Pella


diy asos knock off embroidered flower dress


In my first entry I wrote about one of my biggest passions, dresses! I can’t get enough of them! I wouldn’t say I have too many, because you can’t really have too many dresses, but I have a few. Most of my dresses are vintage finds or thrifted. I’m not the kind of girl who go for design pieces, I couldn’t afford it and I believe you can dress great without spending too much money! This is where this tutorial get’s in the picture. If you haven’t read my first entry about the dress off my dreams from asos, do it here.

So I was in an impossible position, the dress I had my eyes on was way to pricey and when it came on sale it still was too much for my student budget to bare. And then it got sold out. What do you do? You do it yourself! It was a little tricky but I would like to think that my version, all though MUCH cheaper, is just as good as the one from asos.

Since my dress was too white for my taste I used tea to dye it a more antique white shade. Here is a tutorial for that. But let’s skip to how I turned my plain dress into a wonder of flower power! It was more work than I expected, but I had some fantastic assistance from my mother who is way more handy with a needle and thread then I’ll ever be!

This is what you’ll need for this project

  • a simple dress to your liking
  • lots of iron on flowers
  • lots of sew on flowers
  • needles and thread
  • an iron


The flowers I bought I bought on ebay, herehere and here. If I were to buy all the flowers in a craft or sewing store I could just as well’ve bought the original asos dress, they’re that expensive, so i recommend shopping from ebay for this purpose. I think I had about 150 flowers all in all, but some are large and some are tiny, buy as many as you think you’ll need and want. Personally I think more is more (always)!

I started by putting the dress on and trying to figure out where the flowers would be most flattering and look the best together. Since I wanted my dress to be symmetrical, like the asos dress, I put needles in the fabric (while wearing it) to know where I should put the flowers later on. I lay the dress out and started needling the flowers on.


I wanted the lining to be eye-catching so I chose to place the larger flowers there. I saved matching ones for the back.


Only my larger flowers were the iron on kind so they were the only ones I fit into the symmetrical pattern. The small ones had to wait! When I was satisfied with flowers placements I started ironing them on. Remember to take the needle away before placing the iron on the flowers and be very careful with the heat if you dress i lace, like mine.


Ones the flowers are stuck, it can take a while for the glue to set so just keep ironing, it’s time for the tiny flowers. If it was one thing I loved with the asos dress it was that they had sewn flowers on top of each other, so I sewed many of my smaller ones on top of the larger flowers. It takes a good while to sew on all the smaller ones, but don’t give up because the more flowers the more amazing your dress will look.


Before I sewed the smallest flowers on it looked like this!


And this is the finished product, of some weird reason I haven’t got any pictures with me actually wearing it. Next time I throw this beauty on I promise to snap I few pics!





This is how the back turned out, a little bit more bare like I wanted it. My favorite part, except the neckline, is the flowers on the bottom of the dress, the ones that went on the actual skirt. Such a special little detail.


When I wore this I got so many compliments from my friends and I bet you would to if you made your own version!


DIY piñata, party idea

Hi guys! remember the post about my mini pinatas? There I mentioned that I along with the small pinatas also made a really large pinata for my birthday and yes pinatas are for adults as well if you ask me. This is how it turned out and I can say that I was very pleased with the outcome of it all!


As I said about the mini pinatas, it’s important to start this craft at least one week before the actual pinata is needed. It takes rather long for the papier maché glue to dry.

This is what you’ll need:

  • one large balloon (mine was gigantic)
  • newspapers
  • papier maché  glue
  • a big bowl
  • glue sticks (for the decorating of the pinata)
  • silk paper
  • string
  • candy (most important part of course)

For this craft I had some boyfriend assistant, mostly because the balloon was so big it’s hard to handle it alone but also because it’s fun to do something crafty together. He help me blow the balloon (yes, I find them scary and always think they will blow up in my face…) to gigantic size!



Although a bit scary, one can’t deny that balloons are very pretty! When the balloon was ready we placed it in a bowl, so it would stay still (mot of the time) when we put the paper and glue on. Choose a bowl you’re not all to fond of, it could get ruined or miss colored from all the glue. Also prepare with paper under the balloon, you don’t want to stain your working space. The glue washes away really easy with water though, but one can’t be too sure.


I used store-bought papier maché glue, I recommend it very much, it get’s much sturdier than the one you can make yourself. But if you want to try that I mentioned a recipe in this post . Mix you glue together and let it set for a while (the kind I used said ten minuets), while you wait you shred the papers.



Now it’s time to start covering up the balloon! We used sponges to put on the glue and then lay some of the paper on and smooth it out.



You do one layer at the time, so switch the balloon over when one half is covered! I did two layers at one time and them put it to dry for a day or two just to repeat it. Make sure you leave the top of the balloon (the knot) bare, this is where you get the balloon out later when the pinata is dry. All in all I had eight layers on mine. It’s important that you turn it over while it’s drying, or else the part in the bowl won’t dry but stay moist instead. So turn it around once a day if possible.

Make sure you keep the glue, cover it with some plastic, you’ll be needing it after filling the pinata.


While it was drying my cat guarded it.


Skipping forward to when the pinata is dry you should fill it up. First though you have to remove the balloon, cut it at the knot and then pull it out. Cut the existing hole bigger, so the candy will fit!


What I initially wanted to fill mine with was miniature booze bottles, but I hadn’t any luck in finding any and of course my fallback was candy. Since all of my guests grew up in the nineties I choose to put in ring pops, I used to love them when I was little (eatable jewelry is the best).


Put all the goodies in there and use needle and string to make to holes and tie the string through to hang the pinata in later. Then take the papier maché glue and some more paper and cover up the hole. The pinata will probably need one more day to dry before being decorated. When it came to the decor I choose three colors of silk paper, orange, pink and hot pink to create a cute ombre effect.


For glue I had glue sticks, I needed three so stock up! Glue sticks are better than liquid paper glue, it’s easier to work with in this case. Start glueing them on at the bottom so the fringe will be pointing down.



I love how it really looks like a gigantic version of the mini pinatas I made as placement cards for the party.


Have a good time smashing up your pinata beauty!


easy to make, cat plate

I’m a sucker for anything with animals on it, we’re talking clothes, furniture (especially lamps!), iphone covers and over all nick nacks, but fondest might be plates. I collect them, I love to mix and match different plates al long as they are close to size! But since I fall in love with different plates in mostly every thrift shop I ever step in to I have to set up boundaries. The number one rule for my Odd Plate Collection is this: It hat to be an animal on it. And that is definitely harder to find then you think! I have a small collection already but I had not yet found a good cat plate. Since that was a big fall out in the collection it had to be fixed quickly. I decided to make my own.



catplate5This is the best craft for when you want to make a personal gift or only want to be creative for a hour or so. A really good one-afternoon-craft really. I bought a plain white plate at a thrift shop, they cost almost nothing, and I already had some porcelain paint and brushes at hand. Porcelain paint can be bought at any craft shop, it’s not that expensive, especially if you only pick one color as I have done in this example. They also last long and most of the paints can also be used on glass.


What you do is that you paint on your cat face, I choose to just make the nose, eyes, whiskers and ears. It’s easy and is a good thing to make with kids, inexpensive and rewarding. A good thing with porcelain painting is that you can just take some damp paper and wipe away any mistakes if your not satisfied with the outcome of one of the ears or something like that.

When you’re done with the painting you follow the instructions for the porcelain paint. It’s mostly baking the plate for half an hour and then letting it cool before use. I’ve already used mine three times, it’s my new favorite plate. I just might have to make a matching dog or something!




DIY mini piñatas

Hi! Since my birthday’s coming up next week, and I’m throwing my birthday party this very weekend, I’ve been swamped with DIY projects! This project took a week to complete but look at the result!

mini7 These little mini pinatas will be the placing arrangement for the party so except from being all cute and colorful they actually have a purpose! And inside (for the guest that dares breaking theirs, which really is the point!) is a small candy favor each! Fun! Can also add that this could easily be done for kinds, but I don’t mind making these for my adult friends, who doesn’t like colorful things and candy, right?

This is how you make them! It’s not tricky at all, it just takes time to let the papier maché to dry, I therefore recommend you starting a week, or at least five days, before they are going to be needed.

You’ll need 

  • balloons
  • newspapers papers, shredded
  • papier maché glue
  • drinking cups
  • glue (for the decoration)
  • silk papers (also for decoration)
  • string
  • cardboard tags
  • candy!

I choose to use normal size balloons but decided to keep them on the smaller side so they later on can fit on a plate!



I made twelve balloons, one for each guest and one for myself (it’s my party so I totally need one too). When i was finished with the balloons I mixed my glue, I choose store-bought since it won’t dry as fast in the bowl and can be used days later. I did this because I’m also making a LARGE pinata for my party, tutorial will be coming later! But if you only need the glue for this one project you could mix it yourself with 2 cups of flour and 2 cups of water and 1 tbsp salt, boil it on low heat in a thick pot.



I place the balloons in these cups so they will be easier to work with. Then I start layering on the shredded newspapers and the glue. I did not let the balloons dry between each layer, but you could for shorter drying time! I smacked four layers on there right away and let them dry for a couple of days instead, I’m not known for my patience really. Also don’t forget to leave the little knot on the balloon visible and uncovered, you’ll be taking out the balloon in that end later.


When you put the papier maché on the balloons will start to feel very unsteady but that’s what’s suppose to happen. Just keep them in the cups and turn them around once a day so every part of the balloon can air dry.


Let’s fast forward to when they are dry! They feel very solid and you can easily cut the balloon out now, be careful so you don’t get it stuck inside, although if that happens it’s not a disaster. Once the balloon is out it’s time for putting in the candy, in mine I had to cut a bigger hole, but it’s glued together again afterwards so it doesn’t matter.


Now it’s time to fill them! I choose to just put in a few pieces, mostly because I’m also having the large pinata but also because it’s right before dinner and I want my guests to be able to enjoy the food. When you have filled them with your candy of choice you take the glue out again (I stored mine in the kitchen with just some plastic over, it stays moist for about a week). Here I put a little piece of string in before glueing them together again.This is for me to hang the cardboard tag in for later, it’s how I turn these little things into placing cards. Let them dry in the cups again, just like before and when dry it’s time to decorate them.



I am not a fan of crepe paper so I choose silk paper instead. I got hold of some really nice colors, orange is my favorite and the one with the small dots of course. I suggest you fold the papers so you easily can cut out small strings with fringe. This is a bit time-consuming if you don’t fold the papers before cutting! I made a really big pile with all the colors I was going to use (all of them). And then i glued them on starting at the bottom, the part without the string sticking out. It doesn’t really matter what kind of glue you use, pick what you have home already. I had simple glue sticks which works really well with the thin silk paper.




This is how they turned out! I am rally pleased, and I sure they will be a hit at the party. It’s also a rather nice craft, it’s so rewarding to see the outcome. The mini pinatas are adorable and could be used in so many ways. I am already thinking about this as a gift wrap idea. And you could make them like eggs for easter. The variations are endless. I am sure you’ll have a blast making them!



watermelon drinks (non alcoholic)

Right now it’s season for those really sweet watermelons that hardly have any seeds in them! That makes it even easier to make drinks with them. I was aiming for a kind of breakfast drink, not to heavy or too much like a smoothie, just something cold to cool you down before emerging out in the heat. It’s a four ingredient recipe so you can easily whip this together.

You’ll be needing this:

  • half a watermelon
  • ice (crushed)
  • agave syrup or sugar
  • lime

It’s really quick and you just mix the watermelon, the smaller ones hardly contain any seeds so pick one on the smaller side. It will become really watery and not so thick when mixed. Add as much crushed ice as you like. Then a little squeeze agave syrup (or sugar) if you want it just a bit sweeter. Then you just add the lime and serve the deliciousness you’ve just made!


It will totally be a hit! I am also thinking about using this recipe for my birthday party that’s coming up. Just add some bacardi in the mix and it should be a great welcome drink!


I’ll be glad to hear some of your variations for watermelon drinks. Or tell me if you decide to try this one!


vegan banana bread with coconut

I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for the banana coconut combo! It’s the perfect summery mix of sweet tastes!

Some of my friends are vegan and when they come over I usually want them to feel as welcome as all of my other friends. By “welcome” I mean “well fed”. And that’s kind of hard to accomplish when a lot of the things in the kitchen contain eggs or milk or such. Therefor I try to make banana bread! It’s like a treat but also not to unhealthy (kind of). And this one is with coconut taste. The trick is the coconut flour, it’s just milled coconut that you can buy in most well assorted the stores. It’s mostly used for people who can not eat gluten but tastes so nice more people should use it! Did I mention this bread is really quick to make as well?

Since I’m writing from Sweden and want to share this recipe with as many as possible I’m just going to say that when I use 1 cup you take 2 dl and when I use 0,5 cups you use 1 dl and so on!

What you’ll need for this bread is 

  • 3 really ripe bananas
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil (could be switched to sunflower or olive just as well, I just prefer coconut)
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • a pinch of vanilla powder or essens
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder (you could just stick with one of these but the combination will give the bread that extra power to rise and be all fluffy)
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • a pinch of salt! (love the salt, don’t skip it)
  • your choice of different nuts (I picked walnuts and hazel)


You preheat you oven to 175 degrees celsius, then you take the cake pan of your choice and butter it up with the coconut oil. Here you could choose to sprinkle it with coconut flakes, but I had non at home.

The next step is mixing up those mushy bananas! Put them in a bowl and have a go at them! Add sugar and vanilla powder. Then you pour the flour and the coconut flour into to bowl (don’t mix). Add the baking soda and powder, cinnamon and salt, now you just mix the dry ingredients first and then you mix it all together. I mix in a lot of nuts in mine, but you could have whatever you like, such as raisins, coconut flakes or different seeds.

Then it’s time to pour it into the cake pan and admire your work! Put it in the oven and wait for about 40 minuets! Let it cool and then enjoy with your vegan friend. But I truly recommend this recipe for anyone, not just vegans.


Good luck with the baking, any question just ask in the comment field!