dearest dresses

This is my first entry and it’s about two of my favorite things, first of all, it’s about a dress! I love dresses, they are the perfect piece of clothing in my opinion. In my collection i estimate having at least two hundred little creations, all loved and most of them thrifted or altered to my liking. The second thing that this entry is about how easy crafting can be. It’s not always time-consuming and you don’t always need lots of equipment. I’ll show you!

I’ve had my eye on this one dress on Asos, it was way to expensive and in my opinion also a bit to short. When it came on sale it still was to pricy for me but i couldn’t get it off my mind! I usually go for cheaper clothes, most of the time I shop in thrift shops but oh how I wish I had bought this. I love the combination of the white simple lace being all dolled up from the  3D effect flowers.



Since I can’t obtain this dress I will make an attempt at it myself. I am terrible at the sewing and usually break something when I use the machine so I found myself a white cheap lace dress in a retail store. It’s actually still available and on sale. It fits really nicely and is a bit longer then the one in the picture.


The only problem is that the dress is really white. I prefer colors on the more creamy side of the scale. Therefor my first tutorial will be on how to dye the dress. I’m not very into chemicals and buying expensive dyes in the craft shops so I will be showing the simple, cheap and organic version. The second step will be sewing on lots and lots of flowers.

Florals forever. Pella


7 thoughts on “dearest dresses

  1. Oh, that dress is really pretty, both the arty one and the simple Lindex version. Might try to find it in the store 🙂 (Cool blog btw, I’m so happy to get a chance to use my english vocabulary for a change!)

    • Wiho! I feel the same about the english part! Why read all those books in english and never write anything in that language, too silly!
      You would look gorgeous in that dress, but if I remember correctly you already own a similar from Monki, right?
      xoxo Pella

  2. Well, my one from Monki is a bit similar, but a bit more reveling. I actually bought the dress above, the only one that was left in the store. It was a size 42 and I thought that I could take in the waist with help from my grandma. But when I tried it on at home I realized that it was too small over my shoulders. So either I have a very wide back or the dress proportions is a little bit of. So I returned it yesterday. But looking forward to see yours evolve and transform!

    • Oh what a bummer about the dress! It could actually be that yours was faulty. Mine has sleeves that are a bit weird in the seams (bad sewing) so that will have to be re-done! I’m soon finished with the sewing of the flowers and then I will post it here!
      xo Pella

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