DIY mini piñatas

Hi! Since my birthday’s coming up next week, and I’m throwing my birthday party this very weekend, I’ve been swamped with DIY projects! This project took a week to complete but look at the result!

mini7 These little mini pinatas will be the placing arrangement for the party so except from being all cute and colorful they actually have a purpose! And inside (for the guest that dares breaking theirs, which really is the point!) is a small candy favor each! Fun! Can also add that this could easily be done for kinds, but I don’t mind making these for my adult friends, who doesn’t like colorful things and candy, right?

This is how you make them! It’s not tricky at all, it just takes time to let the papier maché to dry, I therefore recommend you starting a week, or at least five days, before they are going to be needed.

You’ll need 

  • balloons
  • newspapers papers, shredded
  • papier maché glue
  • drinking cups
  • glue (for the decoration)
  • silk papers (also for decoration)
  • string
  • cardboard tags
  • candy!

I choose to use normal size balloons but decided to keep them on the smaller side so they later on can fit on a plate!



I made twelve balloons, one for each guest and one for myself (it’s my party so I totally need one too). When i was finished with the balloons I mixed my glue, I choose store-bought since it won’t dry as fast in the bowl and can be used days later. I did this because I’m also making a LARGE pinata for my party, tutorial will be coming later! But if you only need the glue for this one project you could mix it yourself with 2 cups of flour and 2 cups of water and 1 tbsp salt, boil it on low heat in a thick pot.



I place the balloons in these cups so they will be easier to work with. Then I start layering on the shredded newspapers and the glue. I did not let the balloons dry between each layer, but you could for shorter drying time! I smacked four layers on there right away and let them dry for a couple of days instead, I’m not known for my patience really. Also don’t forget to leave the little knot on the balloon visible and uncovered, you’ll be taking out the balloon in that end later.


When you put the papier maché on the balloons will start to feel very unsteady but that’s what’s suppose to happen. Just keep them in the cups and turn them around once a day so every part of the balloon can air dry.


Let’s fast forward to when they are dry! They feel very solid and you can easily cut the balloon out now, be careful so you don’t get it stuck inside, although if that happens it’s not a disaster. Once the balloon is out it’s time for putting in the candy, in mine I had to cut a bigger hole, but it’s glued together again afterwards so it doesn’t matter.


Now it’s time to fill them! I choose to just put in a few pieces, mostly because I’m also having the large pinata but also because it’s right before dinner and I want my guests to be able to enjoy the food. When you have filled them with your candy of choice you take the glue out again (I stored mine in the kitchen with just some plastic over, it stays moist for about a week). Here I put a little piece of string in before glueing them together again.This is for me to hang the cardboard tag in for later, it’s how I turn these little things into placing cards. Let them dry in the cups again, just like before and when dry it’s time to decorate them.



I am not a fan of crepe paper so I choose silk paper instead. I got hold of some really nice colors, orange is my favorite and the one with the small dots of course. I suggest you fold the papers so you easily can cut out small strings with fringe. This is a bit time-consuming if you don’t fold the papers before cutting! I made a really big pile with all the colors I was going to use (all of them). And then i glued them on starting at the bottom, the part without the string sticking out. It doesn’t really matter what kind of glue you use, pick what you have home already. I had simple glue sticks which works really well with the thin silk paper.




This is how they turned out! I am rally pleased, and I sure they will be a hit at the party. It’s also a rather nice craft, it’s so rewarding to see the outcome. The mini pinatas are adorable and could be used in so many ways. I am already thinking about this as a gift wrap idea. And you could make them like eggs for easter. The variations are endless. I am sure you’ll have a blast making them!



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