how to dye that dear dress

I am really excited about dying clothing. I am not at all into really really white things, mostly because I always get them dirty or stained. Now if the color is a light cream that never shows as easily!

To find cream-colored clothes can be tricky! So here is a tutorial for dying them in a really cheap and easy way at home. I’m talking about tea dying! This makes me want to dye everything i own! Before you go all crazy and start dying everything (like me) it’s important to know that tea dying may not get all even. The shade may vary throughout the piece of clothing you’ve chosen. It also becomes lighter after every wash, this doesn’t mean it will all go away though.

I am dying the dress I mentioned in my previous post. As you can see in the pic it is very white and in all pretty simple. Image

What you’ll need is this,

a piece of white clothing, preferable made from cotton (it’s also important that you washed it previously since a new piece of clothing could contain toxins and such)

a bunch of tea bags 

a big pot

and a dryer


I am using 10 bags, equally many of earl grey and rooibos. I have this feeling that if half of the tea bags are black tea and half are red maybe the result will be more ‘burnt rose’ than just ‘cream’.

ImageI boiled water in my favorite pot and added the tea, then I took is of the stove and let the tea steep for about fifteen minutes, so it’s not to hot for your fabric. I cut the strings of the bags, their tags are often made of colored paper which could end up interfering with the result.



Before I soaked the dress in it I chose to remove the tea bags. If they lay in water to long you risk them breaking and the clothing you’re coloring becoming all messy. When I soaked the dress it immediately turned to a gorgeous shade of light tea, which sadly was pretty hard to catch on camera. It also smelled really nice in the whole kitchen. This is such a nice way of dying, no weird artificial smells and no worrying about staining yourself or your home!


After soaking the piece of clothing I recommend putting on the lid and then setting a timer! I set mine on a hour. I rather color my dress too little than to harsh because it’s easier to re-dye it than to make this undone. But if you’re looking for a deeper color or a more tan like shade you could just soak it over night.

When you’re through with waiting you just rinse the tea out in the sink. Here the dress get’s a lighter color, which is exactly what’s suppose to happen. If it get’s to light to your liking, just soak it again for a longer time. When the water your rinsing it with isn’t so dark anymore your ready to put the dress in the dryer and tumble it dry. This is important since the heat is what makes the color permanent!



I am in love with the result, it’s just how I wanted it. Not at all too dark and the color came out surprisingly even! I can’t say I am disappointed with anything and can’t recommend this enough! It was very easy and not at all messy. Also, now my dress smells really lovely, like the best cup of tea ever. If you don’t enjoy the smell I recommend you put it in the washer after drying it so that the color still stays put!


Hope this was helpful! Now go craft!


2 thoughts on “how to dye that dear dress

  1. Never ever heard about tea dying – so cool! Keep up the good work with the blog, i’m looking forward to read more about your crafts!

    • You can actually dye with coffee aswell, but it should give a darker result! I’m so happy that you enjoyed my craft! Soon there will be more projects up for viewing!
      xoxo Pella

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