watermelon drinks (non alcoholic)

Right now it’s season for those really sweet watermelons that hardly have any seeds in them! That makes it even easier to make drinks with them. I was aiming for a kind of breakfast drink, not to heavy or too much like a smoothie, just something cold to cool you down before emerging out in the heat. It’s a four ingredient recipe so you can easily whip this together.

You’ll be needing this:

  • half a watermelon
  • ice (crushed)
  • agave syrup or sugar
  • lime

It’s really quick and you just mix the watermelon, the smaller ones hardly contain any seeds so pick one on the smaller side. It will become really watery and not so thick when mixed. Add as much crushed ice as you like. Then a little squeeze agave syrup (or sugar) if you want it just a bit sweeter. Then you just add the lime and serve the deliciousness you’ve just made!


It will totally be a hit! I am also thinking about using this recipe for my birthday party that’s coming up. Just add some bacardi in the mix and it should be a great welcome drink!


I’ll be glad to hear some of your variations for watermelon drinks. Or tell me if you decide to try this one!


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