lime mojito jello shots (vegan)

I made these little bad boys for my birthday party, I served them with the welcome drinks (which I sadly did not get on picture, they disappeared too fast!). These are simple jello shots but served in a really cute way. Truth be told I only made these because I like the way of serving them in the lime slices, but they tasted better than expected. Not sure I am over thrilled by the jello texture though!

They are easy to make and I love things you can make ahead! I made these the evening before the party, but you could make them two-three days earlier, at least, just keep them in the refrigerator.

You’ll need 

  • 12 limes
  • Dr Oetkers Vege-Gel
  • Food Coloring
  • Mojito essence
  • White rum
  • Water

You could easily leave the rum out and just use more water, then you’ll have cute kid-friendly treats with fresh lime taste! Would probably be a total hit!

limeshotLook I evan managed to match my knife withe the limes, yay!

If you’d like you could make these with jello mixture and just follow the instructions on the package but I’m not a big fan of gelatin so I use the vegetarian substitute.

First of all you have to handle the hard part and that is hollowing the limes. For this I used a melon baller and a small sharp knife. I used the knife to try to cut loose as much as possible and them i scraped the rest out with the melon baller. Remember to not cut the limes in to wedges yet, that’s for when they are filled and the jello has set!


The inside of the limes will probably not look perfect, just as long as they are hollow it will be fine.

It’s time for the jello to be mixed. I mixed mine according to the package of my vege-gel. I boiled one and a half cup of water and added one sachet of vege-gel mix. Then I whisked it and let i cool a bit before adding the mojito essence (just a tablespoon or two). All of this will have to be done quite quick so the mix will be smooth. The last thing I added was the white rum, half a cup.


I placed my lime shells in a plastic container, so that they will not tip over, and start pouring the jello into the shells. Put them in the refrigerator for at least three hours and then they can be cut into the cute wedges. Each lime makes for four wedges when finished.


So there it was, a great make ahead party treat for grown up!


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